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UPDATE: 1 Bedroom, 2 Bedroom & 3 Bedroom units have been sold out, and remaining 4 Bedroom units are selling fast. Enquire immediately or risk losing out on a fantastic opportunity.

4 Bedroom

Designed ingeniously for maximum comfort, privacy, and usability, the units at Parc Riviera boast of streamlined, clean-cut layouts which will make your stay an immensely enjoyable one.


Parc Riviera’s layout is specially engineered with less space allotted to balconies and kitchens, and more to bedrooms and living areas. As such, buyers have spacious bedrooms and living rooms to luxuriate in; these can easily accommodate large television sets or desks and still have capacity for more.


With the objective of ensuring maximum privacy for homeowners, the developers, designers and architects of Parc Riviera designed the project to have units either facing an open plot of land, or shared facilities. In addition, all homeowners who purchase units on the 6th storey and above will be guaranteed clear and unobstructed views.

Want to enjoy the comfort, spaciousness and privacy that Parc Riviera’s ingeniously designed floorplans will provide you with?

Units are selling out fast, so book an appointment with us to view the showflat and get the lowest possible best price for your unit!

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